French learning in France

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French learning in France

Message non lupar webmaster » 30 Mar 2012, 21:29


The best language learning method consists of an extended stay in the country, where it is spoken by long practice of the latter by emerging the culture and history of this country and in good conditions.
Who has not dreamed of mastering the language of Molière to perfection without the slightest hesitation or the slightest accent? Have you ever wanted to come and enjoy good French cuisine, visit Paris or go to the Riviera side and this while learning in the greatest joy?
We can accomplish your goal by letting you in optimal conditions spend a semester or an academic year in France and that within a family, you'll be a full member.
All that prevented you from achieving your goal (finding housing, a school, set the paper) will be our affair.
If you are really interested, so feel free to contact us by email at the following address
Or telephone 06 64 96 44 04
Or on skype username next to cheret_laurent or neli.tomova3
We're always available to answer your questions and for further information don’t hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,

Your coordinator,
Laurent CHERET!/laurent_cheret!/laurent_cheret
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