Subject: user-friendliness and environment with work, hygien

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Subject: user-friendliness and environment with work, hygien

Message non lupar webmaster » 13 Jan 2010, 16:43

Dear Sirs,

You who are attached to the your working and deprived spaces' environment and cheerfulness,

As far as the hospital sector is concerned, hygiene must be respected and you are compelled to be near from absolute clean rooming, particularly since superresistant bacterie development

we completely propose a carefree environment respectfully riskfree original solution and that can replace the erd substrat, that enable the virus, bacterie and mushroom development.
It consists to insert "Natural Dame in your interiors" (except your customers'bedrooms).
"A piece of greenery" corresponds to your colleagues, employees 'wellbeing as yourselves' and is good for your customers'health.
The plants are dotted of properties, whereby they can purify yourinteriors'confined air'.
Thus they aim to improve and invent your companies' productivity your customers' attractivity.
We invite you to go on our site to make you an idea of this concept:

For a personalized estimation please contact us by phone : +33/387804868 or +33/687147608.

We are delighted in advance to answer your request.

Yours sincerely.

Laurent CHERET

Phone : +33/664964404
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